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                  St John

                            15% discount on all training (including e-learning),
                            20% all personal first aid kits and seasonal offers.

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                       TFE Hotels                                                            Hertz

             15% discount off fully flexible rate (room only)                                      20% discount off best rate of the day
                       Please book via the link below.

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        Emergency Services Health                         Firefighters Mutual Bank

         When it comes to your health, you can't predict                            Firefighters Mutual Bank is a bank dedicated to
         what you are going to need cover for, the same                            fire and emergency service employees, volunteers

         way a firefighter can't predict each emergency                              and their families Australia wide. 
         call. Which is why Emergency Services Health                                              

         only specialises in top cover, as they believe                                  
Visit our website to find out more, including the
         anything else 
would be a disservice to you                                     results of our recent survey of RFSA members.
         and your family.

        There's a reason more than 64,000 others 
        from Australia's police, fire & emergency services
        community already insure with Emergency 
        Services Health. If you don't want to be the
        one missing out, click here or call 1300 703 703
        -  they'd be happy to chat!