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Diagram of RFSA Committees

RFSA Committees & Representation

The NSW RFSA and the RFS are in a unique and envied position in the fire fighting industry throughout the world in that there is recognition from the NSW Rural Fire Service to its members through the RFSA to be partners in its management.

This process is achieved through the Membership Charter and one of its instruments, the Consultative Committee process.

The RFSA is directly represented on various Statutory Committees including the Fire Services Joint Standing Committee (FSJSC), Rural Fire Services Advisory Committee (RFSAC), and the Bushfire Coordinating Committee (BFCC).

Direct RFSA representation is maintained on the RFS Corporate Executive Group (CEG). The CEG comprises the Executive of the Rural Fire Service and representatives of the Rural Fire Service Association. Its principal role is to consider and provide advice to the NSW RFS Commissioner on strategic issues affecting the Service.

The RFSA is also represented on the Local Government Association and Shires Association of NSW Liaison Committee, along with three representatives of each of the Local Government Association, Shires Association and the NSW RFS (including the NSW RFS Commissioner).

In the diagram above, red borders = RFSA governance body; blue borders = statutory or consultative body.

Click here to view details and membership of RFSA representation on internal and external Committees and Working Groups.


Statutory Committees

The RFSA, on behalf of its Members, is represented on a number of Statutory Committees established under the provisions of the Rural Fires Act 1997 and other legislation, including the Fire Services Joint Standing Committee Act 1998.

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Consultative Committees

The Consultative Committee process allows volunteer firefighters and staff a platform from which open and honest discussion concerning development and implementation of RFS policies and procedures and the day-to-day running of the Service can occur.

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Consultative Committee Business Paper Register

To keep up to date on all the latest results and outcomes from Consultative Committee meetings

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Constitutional Review Committee & Charter

The Committee has been established to provide a forum for regular reviews of the Association Constitution.

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Working Groups

In addition to the Consultative Committees, a number of Working Groups have been established to consider and report on strategic projects such as workers compensation for volunteers.

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Young Members Group

The Young Members Group is an advisory group for young Members to provide an effective channel of communication between young Members of the RFS and the broader membership.

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