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What's Making News - March 13-20, 2015

Friday, 20 March 2015


 A weekly wrap-up of news articles that may be of interest

to NSW Rural Fire Fighters


Trees are being cut down on the North Shore, angering residents and councils who are powerless to act, North Shore Times, 13/03/2015

The leafy North Shore is not as shady as it was last year after losing more than 1300 trees since the 10/50 code was introduced in August.


Gas Leak, lighting strike leaves car on fire and homes evacuated in O’Connor, The Canberra Times, 18/03/2015

gas leak fire sprung up under a car that caught alight after it was hit by lightning on Dryandra Street and Wattle Street in O'Connor earlier on Wednesday morning.

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Royal National Park fires linked but not suspicious, St George and Southerland Shire Leader, 19/03/2015

NSW Police and fire investigators will try and find the cause today of the Royal National Park bushfire on Wednesday afternoon.

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Hazard Note 005, Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC, 19/03/2015

Hazard Note 005 summarises results from research commissioned by the South Australia Country Fire Service (CFS) following three very different bushfires in early 2014: a rapid onset fire, a long-campaign fire, and repeat fire incidents. The study investigated bushfire risk perceptions, decision-making processes and the behaviour of residents affected by these fires.

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RFS bring Salt Ash Grass Fire Under Control, Port Stephen’s Examiner, 20/03/2015

A GRASS fire that took out a powerline at Salt Ash on Tuesday has been bought under control by the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS).