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Thank you Members.

Monday, 13 February 2017

 As the President of the NSW Rural Fire Service Association it has been a privilege to witness the commitment, skill and determination of our members, working together to protect the community of NSW across the past few days in unprecedented weather conditions.


 Devastatingly across the weekend, some NSW RFS members lost their own properties, whilst out protecting those of others, and two RFS members were injured. The Association extends its deepest concern and will be investigating to see what assistance it may be able to offer these members.


To those in the community, who have lost homes, stock, pets and agricultural infrastructure, we express our deepest empathy. 


The current situation is far from over, with some 20 fires yet to be brought under control, mopping up and investigative work on others and weather conditions predicted to heat up again, so we know there’s more work ahead. And as always our members, will adapt and overcome.


As a volunteer member myself I am well aware that volunteer fire fighters, don’t do what they do to receive gratitude, but what else can you say to express admiration to these amazing men and women for their dedication, bravery, skill and commitment, but thank you?


So THANK YOU and stay safe.


Ken Middleton.

RFSA President