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Rural Fire-fighters set to heat up the kitchen at State Champs

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The competition is set to reach boiling point as Rural Fire Service caterers compete in an inaugural challenge to find out ‘Whose Kitchen Rules’ at the NSW RFS State Championships.

Proudly sponsored by the NSW Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA), the event will be the first time RFS caterers have the opportunity to showcase the skills and proficiency needed to cook nutritious but delicious meals for over 400 fire-fighters under challenging conditions.

“It was a great idea for the RFS to introduce the competition for those who are not on the front line fire-fighting but still contribute a great deal to the service will have somewhere to demonstrate their skills and training,” said Oakville Rural Fire Brigade’s Adam Rutter.

Mr Rutter will be leading a team of twelve RFS caterers from brigades around the state.  Competing as Team Bravo they will cook-off against Team Alpha captained by Warringah Catering Unit’s Jenni Thompson.

The volunteer catering crews have been challenged to prepare and serve breakfast and lunch to the competing teams, marshals and helpers on the Saturday and Sunday of the Championships being held at Pambula from 12-14 September.

Each team will be supplied with a kitchen, a budget and a product order form from which to create their feasts. They will be judged on menu selection, budgeting, standard and timeliness of service, food preparation and, of course, taste.

Half of the score will be awarded by a panel of judges and half by popular vote from the fire-fighters competing at the championships.

Diligently working away from the frontline , RFS catering units are responsible for meals for rural fire-fighters at fire-grounds and training-courses and the kitchen stands ready to open 24 hours a day with crew always on standby to respond to an emergency situation.

“I think the competition is a great way to raise awareness and interest in the catering unit and while our primary aim is still to feed a few hundred hungry ‘firies’ and support staff with nourishing, enjoyable food; the competitive element has given us the opportunity to look for tasty and interesting menus,” said Ms Thompson.