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RFSA Welcomes New Compensation Law For NSW Firies

Thursday, 27 September 2018


The Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA) welcomes the introduction of presumptive legislation for New South Wales firefighters into State Parliament today.


The legislation, which is uncapped and effective immediately, allows NSW firefighters access to compensation for 12 types of cancers without having to prove they acquired it on the job.


The legislation is similar to those that exist in Queensland and ACT, with the compensation covering both paid and volunteer firefighters.


RFSA President Ken Middleton said the RFSA had taken a collaborative approach to this important issue and joined with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) and the Fire Brigade Employees Union (FBEU).


“I want to recognize the fact that the RFSA has been in allied consultation with the Government for some period regarding the firefighter’s cancer presumptive legislation.  The RFSA is pleased we could join with our fellow paid firefighters through this joint approach,” said Mr. Middleton.


“These measures are extremely important because they recognise the risks firefighters face on the job every day in relation to their health.


“The RFSA remains steadfast in our dedication and support of our volunteer firefighters, and welcomes added legislative protection for our volunteers and their families.


“I want to particularly acknowledge the strong bipartisan support for the legislation, including the Hon. Troy Grant MP, Minister for Emergency Services and Shadow Minister Guy Zangari MP.


A paid or volunteer firefighter diagnosed with one or more of the 12 listed cancers would automatically have their disease presumed to be caused by occupational hazards while firefighting, according to the qualifying period outlined in the table below.