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RFSA Support for Volunteers during 14/15 Bush Fire Danger Period

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

 With the official commencement of the state of NSW Bush Fire Danger Period, today - Wednesday October 1,  the NSW Rural Fire Association, as the recognised representative association of all members of the NSW RFS, reinforces its support to its members in protecting the community in the forthcoming months.


"With 'above normal' bush fire season expected for much of NSW, according to the latest outlook from the Bushfire & Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre, and the early commencement of the Bush Fire Danger Period in numerous  Local Government Areas across the State, I want all the volunteers and members of the NSW Rural Fire Service to know that we will be supporting them throughout the months ahead," said Tim Arnott, RFSA President.


" The Association offers wide ranging support to the volunteers throughout the year but during the bush fire season we aim to be even more focussed on making conditions more comfortable for the volunteers when involved in major fire incidents.


" When possible we try to provide coffee carts at major staging grounds so the volunteers can enjoy a freshly brewed beverage as they commence or complete a shift.


" In the past we have also distributed new t-shirts for the volunteers to change into and meal options for some variety. These initiatives will continue throughout this season too.


"The RFSA also provides support to the NSW RFS Counselling and Chaplaincy services who in turn provide support to the members of the service," Mr Arnott said.


"Finally I encourage all of our members to make vital preparations for the upcoming bushfire season and on behalf of the Association, I appeal for the safety of their loved ones, homes and property for the entire BFDP.