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RFSA Response to 'Funding Our Emergency Services' Discussion Paper

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The RFSA favours the retention of the current contributory funding model for the RFS and thus does not support the property-based levy proposed by the 'Funding Our Emergency Services' Discussion Paper.

The specific outcomes the RFSA are seeking from the review process is a funding model that meets the following set of principles:

• Community connection
• Operational efficiency
• Fair contributions
• Financial solidity
• Risk sharing

The RFSA does not  believe that a compelling case has been made to suggest that the asserted benefits of a property-based levy outweigh the risks posed.

To read the Association's primary submission click here


 Thursday, 1 November, 2012

The Association has lodged a supplementary response to the Discussion Paper , 'Funding Our Emergency Services'.

This further submission takes into account public information, which is now available including:

• The submission to the Discussion Paper by the Insurance Council of Australia
• The General Purpose Standing Committee No.4 outcome of 11 October 2012
• Central NSW Regional Organisation of Councils (centroc) response to the Discussion Paper

Of particular importance in this submission is the impact of a property levy on rural and residential rate payers and the loss of revenue, in the form of levies paid by contents insurance policy holders in rental accommodation, both commercial and residential.

The Association is concerned the intentioned efforts of the Government may be misdirected by those with vested interests in cost shifting rather than equitability

To view the Association's supplementary response click here