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Ready to cook up a storm at State Champs?

Thursday, 11 February 2016


NSW RFS caterers who are hungry for success are invited to submit an Expression of Interest to compete in the 2016 NSW RFS State Championships Food Street Catering Challenge.


The RFSA is proud to be the major sponsor of the challenge, to be held at the championships in Narrabri from September 16-18.


Eight teams consisting of three caterers will be invited to compete and serve the hungry crowd. Each team will be given their own booth on Food Street from which to market their wares to the championship teams who are looking for fresh, tasty and satisfying food to go. And, like all good cooking contests, there will be additional tests and challenges incorporated along the way.


With access to a shared kitchen area for preparation, each team will have to plan, prepare and serve 65 portions of their unique speciality item and 65 portions of a snack box item for lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.


Teams will be judged on their menu, budgeting, standard and timeliness of customer service, food handling and of course most importantly taste. 50% of the team score will be awarded by the Iron Chef Event Marshal, 25% by the celebrity judges and 25% by customer votes.


So if you have a licence to grill, submit an EOI to by Thursday, 31 March 2016.


DOWNLOAD: Food Street Catering Challenge Nomination Form


How to enter:

  •           Submit a Food Street Challenge Nomination Form.

-         Each team is made up of three people, to be identified on the nomination form.

-         One team member must hold the NSW RFS Catering Assistant qualification (or an equivalent safe handling of

        food certificate)

  •          Your nomination must include your ideas for menu items.

-         Your menu items should follow the basic rules of street food – individual portions, easy to carry and eat, and
  fast to serve

-         Your customers will be both juniors (aged 12-16) and seniors

  •          Successful nominees will be invited to register and put in contact with the Food Street Challenge Marshal who will
           assist in the final development of menus.

-         The Marshal will advise on what equipment & supplies will be available onsite

-         generally make sure you are ready to compete

  •         The State Championships will be held on the weekend of 16 - 18 September 2016 at the Narrabri Showground.

-         Teams are responsible for arranging their own transport to and from Narrabri

-         Teams will need to be available onsite from 1700hrs on Wednesday 14
  September till 0800hrs Monday 19 September 2016

-         All food and accommodation will be provided during this period.