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International Volunteer Day: RFSA Pays Tribute to Incredible Work of Volunteers

Tuesday, 05 December 2017

The NSW Rural Fire Service Association is encouraging communities across the state to thank their local fire fighters for their hard work today, on International Volunteer Day.


RFSA President Ken Middleton said fire fighters work tirelessly to protect lives, homes and property and it’s important that they are appropriately recognised.


“Our members cover a massive area – from suburban Sydney to the most remote locations in New South Wales,” Mr Middleton said.


“They are part of the world’s largest volunteer fire service, with more than two thousand one hundred brigades across the state.


“Often, they put their own lives at risk to help others and they all make a great sacrifice.


“Right now, many of our 74,000 members are busily preparing for another fire season.


“We’ve had an extremely dry winter and our members have been working tirelessly to mitigate the fire risk for towns and home owners before the peak of summer.


“These volunteers respond to events twenty-four hours a day. And it’s not just fires, they assist in all sorts of events - everything from motor vehicle accidents to natural disasters.


“I want to thank each and every member across New South Wales – and indeed all volunteers - for the amazing work that they do.


“If you see an emergency services volunteer today, please do the same and thank them for their efforts.


“It’s vitally important that we recognise the role volunteers play across Australia, and the world, and provide them with the support they need.”


International Volunteer Day recognises the significant contribution volunteers provide in support and assistance in times of crisis, disaster and difficulty.



More information on International Volunteer Day can be found here.