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Important Information - Avenza PDF Maps Notice

Friday, 04 December 2015

What’s Happening?

The NSW RFS has been made aware that some members have been using Avenza PDF Maps on their mobile devices to view mapping files for business and operational use. This message is a notification to stop using this app for NSW RFS activities, if you are using the free, personal-use version of the app.


This is a free* app available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, however Avenza’s terms and conditions for use state: “PDF Maps is free for personal use. Any commercial, governmental, academic, or other non-personal use requires the purchase of a commercial licence.”

Further to this, their licensing page states: “The commercial use licence requirement is governed by the use of PDF Maps and not by the ownership of the device upon which it is being used. i.e. Even a personal device used for commercial purposes requires a commercial use licence.”

The use of this app for non-personal use without a commercial licence by NSW RFS members is a breach of Avenza’s terms and conditions.

How does this impact me and what do I need to do?

If you have the app installed on a corporate device, please uninstall it. If you have this app installed on a personal device, ensure it is only for personal use and not for any NSW RFS operational or business use. The alternative option is to use Adobe Reader or ICON.

Need to know more?

Contact the ICT Service Desk on 02 8741 5123 or send us an email at > Avenza PDF Maps.