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Have your say - PPC Review

Monday, 15 December 2014

Here’s a chance provide your feedback and suggestions to the NSW RFS on Bush Fire Personal Protective Clothing (PPC).

A working group has been established to review the PPC (currently classified as ‘the two-piece yellows').  The purpose of the review is to ensure the new PPC meets current and future needs of NSW RFS members in terms of protection, comfort and functionality, including women's specific design and sizing.  

Members are invited to submit feedback during the initial consultation period which has been extended until 17 April 2015 and during the trial PPC period. 

A memorandum is available that details the scope of the working group:

>>Bush Fire Personal Protective Clothing Review Memorandum<<

Submissions can be sent to .  To submit feedback on out of scope items of PPE/PPC and equipment, email