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$1.7 Million - A record year for Grant Scheme

Friday, 01 August 2014

 It’s a record year for the NSW RFSA Grant Scheme with almost 600 applications from NSW Rural Fire Brigades, Support Brigades and Districts submitted.

Approximately 1.7 million dollars in grants has been awarded to enhance the conditions of the over 71 000 rural fire fighters in New South Wales.

 RFSA President, Tim Arnott said the NSW RFSA Grant Scheme was a highly valued support service offered by the Association.

 “Brigades are often in need of items that are not covered by direct Government and Council funding so the Grant Scheme offers a means of financial assistance to ensure the men and woman of the Rural Fire Service have access to items and equipment that make performing their duties just that little bit easier,” said Mr Arnott.

Funding from the scheme is not directed to fire fighting vehicles or fire fighting equipment that is supplied by NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and/or local Councils.

 “The funding capacity of individual brigades in NSW, particularly smaller brigades in remote locations can be tough,” Mr Arnott explained.

 “This is why  NSW RFSA runs an annual Grant Scheme as part of its support services, to fund these items and ensure RFS brigades have the best ability to protect their local community.” 

 Popular items in the 2014 Grant Scheme were GPS navigation units, reversing cameras for vehicles and portable fridges to store cold drinks for those fighting fires in extreme weather conditions. 

 Funds from the scheme have also provided a vehicle for safe transportation for volunteers attending firegrounds and units that provide fire condition scenarios for enhanced training.

  “This year, for the first time, we developed a catalogue so brigades could see some of the most popular items they can apply for resulting in our largest ever amount of applications.” said Mr Arnott.

 “We anticipate that we will add more items to the 2015 catalogue and are investigating items such as heavy duty washing machines and dryers and whirlybirds for stations.

“I would like to take this opportunity to  thank all community members who purchase tickets in NSW RFSA raffles,” said Mr Arnott.

 “It’s as a direct result of their contribution that the RFSA can fund support services such as the Grant Scheme to the benefit of fire fighters across NSW.”