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Media enquiries should be directed to Trevor Anderson, Acting Chief Executive Officer, RFSA, P: 02 47233400.



16 June: NSW Budget 'Bushfire Mitigation Funds' protect vulnerable people

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The RFSA has welcomed the NSW Government's $216 million investment into equipment and capital works for bushfire protection, particularly the provision for bushfire mitigation designned to support the rural communities.


28 July: Rural Fire Service Association appoints Peter Olah as Executive Director

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The RFSA today announced the appointment of Peter Olah as Executive Director who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the RFSA, with a focus on improving member services, improving the organisation's media and political positioning, and formulating key Association policies.


03 August: Premier Rees' plan for a 'Super Ministry' poses severe threat to the independence of the RFS and NSW SES

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The RFSA (Rural Fire Service Association) today strongly criticised Premier Nathan Rees' plans to adopt a 'Super Ministry' to manage NSW State Emergency Services including NSW Police Service and the NSW Rural Fire Service.


06 August: Rural Fire Service Association accepts Premier's Compromise but preferred position remains 'No Super Ministry'

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The RFSA today has accepted Premier Nathan Rees' clarification and concessions in relation to his Super Ministry reforms following lengthy negotiations this week, but notes the Association's preferred position remains 'no Super Ministry'.


04 August: Rural FIre Service Association calls on the Rees Government to come clean over a planned Super Ministry

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The RFSA (Rural Fire Service Association) today called on Premier Nathan Rees to come clean over his government's planned Super Ministry stating that the NSW government has not told the whole truth.


20 August: Rural Fire Service Association reviews Victorian Bushfire Interim Report

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The RFSA will review the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission interim report in terms of legislation and operational practices in NSW on behalf of its Members.


10 September: RFSA restates preference for 'No Super Ministry' following opposition Parliamentary motion

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The RFSA today has restated its preference for 'no Super Ministry' following the State Government's amendment of the Opposition's Parliamentary Motion regarding the independent status of the Rural Fire Service.


28 September: Central West Fire Fighters win Australian Safer Community Awards for the "Canobolas Project"

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The Canobolas Project has contributed significantly to the future direction of fire risk management planning and its key outcomes have been included in the NSW Risk Management Planning Guidelines and is the State winner in the Australian Safer Community Awards.


30 September: RFSA's Alan Holley elected President of Australasian Assembly of Volunteer Fire Brigade Associations

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RFSA Vice-President Alan Holley has been elected as President of the Australiasian Assembly of Volunteer Fire Brigade Associations (AAVFBA). This will provide a direct say in responding to the increasingly national political and policy agenda.


12 October: Local Llandilo resident wins a new family car by supporting Rural Fire Fighters

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Supporting NSW rural firefighters through the Rural Fire Service Association's (RFSA) raffle has helped Llandilo resident Wayne Brewin win a brand new family car. Mr Brewin was the winner of RFSA raffle number 37.