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Brigade in Focus: Mulgoa

The ‘Ash Kickers’ of the Mulgoa Rural Fire Brigade were in high spirits  from 16-22 April 2012, as they celebrated their 72nd birthday.

Affectionately known as the ‘Ash Kickers’ (due to their frequent “mopping-up efforts” as Captain Ian Walther put it), the brigade has been around since 1940 when a public meeting was held and the Mulgoa-Wallacia brigade formed.

Due to growing numbers of volunteers coupled with changing council boundaries, the brigades split in November 1981 and formed independent Mulgoa and Wallacia brigades.

Major celebrations for Mulgoa’s birthday are on hold for a few years though, as there’s plans for a huge 75th birthday event to be held jointly with the Wallacia Brigade.

Mulgoa RFB has some 40 members, all united under an emblem created five years ago by volunteer Jeff Compton, of a black swan (thought to be the Aboriginal meaning of Mulgoa) and a fire hose.

 The Ash Kickers have a strong tradition of brigade loyalty, with the late Peter Yates holding rank of Captain for 18 years, followed by his son Jason who held the Captain role for seven years.

Mulgoa RFB members are extremely active in their local community. They hold a Music Festival every November at Mulgoa Park with local band performances, BBQs and raffles to raise money for the brigade. Details are published in local papers and on Penrith City Council’s website.

Christmas is another busy time for the Mulgoa team with Santa visiting a local light display, meeting children and helping with fundraising.

Mulgoa Rural Fire Brigade is located in RFSA Division 4. The area is located 66km west of Sydney’s CBD and 15 minutes from Penrith.


Brigade Snapshot

Brigade: Mulgoa
Founded: 1940
District/Team/Zone: Cumberland Zone