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The Association grants annual professional development scholarships to RFSA Registered Members of the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS). 

The purpose of these scholarships is to:

  • enhance the professional and personal development of Members;
  • improve career development and;
  • promote a high level of professional service to the community.

Registered Members are invited to apply for the annual scholarships with funding granted to assist with their ability to undertake tertiary studies.

Applications are open to both NSW RFS volunteers and staff and successful applicants must enrol in the selected course within 18 months of notification of the scholarship.

There are two scholarship categories:

 President’s Scholarship - awarded to either (or both) volunteer and staff members.

Chris Lord Memorial Scholarship -   awarded to the most suitable volunteer applicant.


Download a Scholarship Application form or call the RFSA Office P: 4723 3400 or Email: enquiries@rfsa.org.au. to request one.


The President’s Scholarship Committee will review all applications before making recommendations to the State Board.  The committee is comprised of three Members selected by State Council and the RFSA Chief Executive Officer. 

Study courses undertaken by scholarship recipients have included:

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Planning for Bushfire Prone Areas
  • Certified Fire Investigation Program
  • Advanced Diploma in Applied Environmental Management
  • Bachelor Degree in Emergency Management 


Nominations will open 1st August and will close 15th October each year.  Applicants are encouraged the read the policy before submitting an application.

Nomination forms will be made available to download or may be obtained by calling the RFSA Office P: 4723  3400 or E: scholarships@rfsa.org.au.