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Rural Fire Fighters Foundation

One of the many initiatives that has been instigated by the RFSA is the creation and funding of the Rural Fire Fighters Foundation (RFFF).

The RFFF provides support and assistance for NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Members who are injured or killed in circumstances associated with RFS activities. This means that dependents of Members may also be eligible to apply for benefits from the Foundation.

The Foundation cannot provide support for matters that would normally be provided through Workers Compensation, nor ex-gratia payments from the Service or other insurances, except as a short-term, interest-free loan should late or delayed payment from these sources cause excessive hardship.


Assistance may include, but is not limited to:

  • Transportation support
  • Accommodation for families attending hospitals, medical treatment or funerals
  • Modifications to housing or workplaces required as the result of injuries
  • Assistance with staffing businesses for the self employed
  • Specialised orthopedic or other medical equipment
  • Incidental funeral costs
  • Shopping
  • Urgent house or vehicle maintenance
  • Provision of immediate out-of-pocket expenses
  • A maximum of $20,000 is available to any individual case


The following criteria must be satisfied in order to be considered for support from the Foundation:

  • The applicant was a member of the NSW Rural Fire Service at the time of their death or injury and the circumstances of their death or injury arose out of or were associated with their membership of the Service
  • Other applicants were dependents of the above members
  • No other source of funding for the particular issue is immediately available from WorkCover, the NSW Rural Fire Service or any type of insurance cover
  • The provision of financial support will alleviate real, identified hardship for the applicant
  • The potential recipients of the Foundation must be in Australia


By direct application: applicants can apply directly for assistance from the Foundation if they believe they meet the criteria.
By referral: an application for assistance may be made by anyone on behalf of a potential Eligible Applicant if they believe they meet the criteria

Application process:

The decision to provide funds from the Foundation will be made on the basis of the above criteria and the support of at least three Directors of the State Board.